How The Ancient Mayan Culture Proved the Durability of Stucco

Phoenix stucco homes and buildings look beautiful and honor the history and tradition of the region. This building material has been used in Arizona for centuries because of its durability and how well suited it is to the climate and soil type. However, occasionally, homebuyers are unaware of these factors and shy away from stucco because of misunderstandings about its resilience. If there was ever a question about the durability of stucco, a graduate student working in the Yucatán made a discovery that should put your mind at ease, courtesy of the ancient Mayans.

Mayan Mask Discovery

At an archeological dig site of an ancient Mayan settlement in modern-day Ucanha in the municipality of Cansahcab, graduate students and researchers working with Mexico’s Institute of History and Anthropology discovered a large, stucco mask. The mask, which was initially discovered in 2017 and excavated in 2019, is believed to be from the 4th century. The discovery of the mask was not announced until researchers had established its history and determined a plan for excavation, to keep looters away from the site.

Mayan Design Elements

Modern-day Arizonans are not the only ones to use stucco for building materials. The mask discovered in Ucanha is believed to have been used as a decorative adornment for a Mayan building. Similar masks have been uncovered at other Mayan dig sites and offer a hint to the design preferences and advanced construction abilities of this ancient culture.

Stucco’s Staying Power

The stucco mask is in remarkably good condition. It has survived rain, soil conditions, and erosion since the 4th century and was excavated without damage. If this stucco adornment can remain in good condition for so long, then imagine how reliable a material stucco is for your home or building in Phoenix.

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